Anonymous. You can use any of these prompts to write a dramatic story, a comedy, or a thriller. secret. Here are some of the many secrets you can totally spill to them: You haven’t listened to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album yet. Synonym Discussion of secret. 124. At the bottom of the page are links to hundreds of other writing prompts. Keep talking to them, listening to them, and letting them know that you are there for them. 56. For example, Pricilla’s father might say, “I see you are having fun whispering secrets with your friends. Keep revisiting the conversation. Here are some story ideas you can turn into fiction. How to use secret in a sentence. A … Examples Of Secrets. Secret sentence examples. Some secrets, because of the historic consequences, or the attention given to them over the years, turn into a kind of mystery. For the best answers, search on this site Alf Santos. 385. But when withheld, it’s not with the same effort and disquiet that accompanies real secrets. 1. Your secret for mine? 50 People Confess Their Darkest Family Secrets By Lorenzo Jensen III Updated August 12, 2019. Secrets and surprises aren’t something that you should talk about once and assume your child understands. 0 0. Source(s): 99 "It's our little secret," he said. 287. Found on AskReddit. A relative goes crazy. Fiction Prompts about Secrets 1) … 249. Could someone please give me a list of examples of secrets someone could be hiding for example: 1) An affair 2) Pregnancy 3) An adopted baby 4) A murder 5) A baby swapped at birth He couldn't keep a secret from this woman he loved. 121. Secret definition is - kept from knowledge or view : hidden. I’ll bet you already know what makes secrets safe for everyone and about what kinds of secrets are not safe. Another example is a group of friends with an inside joke. 5 years ago. You’ve been meaning to, but now you almost feel like it’s too late. A scandal. Private information that others are curious about can create a sense of mystery, though it doesn’t ever have to be revealed to all that are curious. A relative who ran off with someone with bad intentions. Other secrets include shoplifting as a child or getting caught drink-driving at some point in their past. A relative who is a criminal. 170. Secrets are kept or opened for many complex motives, from self-serving abuses of power to altruistic protection of others. By Lorenzo Jensen III Updated August 12, 2019. Taking secrets to the grave is nothing new and eventually we will all most likely have a few secrets we take with us – perhaps to protect others or maybe to protect our own reputation or legacy. Alf Santos. The intellect is a cleaver; it discerns and rifts its way into the secret of things. Any time there is a surprise, remind your child about the difference between a good or bad surprise or secret.