She would be with me everywhere. He has always been a very lovable and cuddly dog, at least with my wife and I. Archived. My boyfriends mother came to live with us and she brought her dog, and new kitten too. It's weird because she always shows crazy amounts of affection. 17. Chihuahua suddenly acting scared of me. Here are six reasons that may get your dog to shake and act weird. My dog is panting and shaking acting scared following me everywhere. Don't continue to give or pay attention when your Chihuahua is misbehaving. 6 Reasons Why Your Dog is Shaking & Acting Weird. We also rescued a kitten today so he's had to meet 3 new animals today, and 1 new person. She wouldn't sit with me, and she didn't even look at me. He wont even go near the new dog, but the new dog is not even aggressive and doesn't even really pay attention to him. Posted by 4 years ago. Instead, give him attention and treats only when he is calm and ignore him when he is acting nervous or hyper. You may notice that at times, or consistently, your dog is developing what seems to be a struggle to maintain a balanced position, or perhaps all of a sudden his eyes cannot focus and dart back and forth. Chihuahua aggression is the number one behavior issue reported by Chihuahua owners, so you are not alone. I've had a chi for about 3 years, she is awesome. I have a 3 year old Chihuahua and she started to act very strange today. I am taking him in to the vet to get blood work to see what is going on he is scaring me. Just like humans, dogs might shake or tremble if they’re in serious pain. If your dog has had a seizure, your vet may recommend diagnostic tests to find out the underlying cause of the incident.. Posture – A scared Chihuahua will sometimes portray a submissive posture by standing with his head low and back arched. Today, abruptly she started acting weird. Hi There, Our Chihuahua Chewie just turned 8 years old, we have had him since he was 4. Humans, however, often react in ways that unwittingly teach small dogs to continue to act nervous or hyper. Or your little friend may show his fear by rolling over to expose his belly in the ultimate show of submission. Disorientation can occur acutely, or develop and worsen over time depending on the cause. You may also notice a single muscle quivering under strain or discomfort — this is often accompanied with a change in gait or reluctance to move in a certain way. I wash his face with water and that seems to help calm him he is also real thirsty drinking alot of water. Normally she gets very excited when we open the door and let her come inside the house, she will run around and get on the beds or bark for attention. If you need hands-on help, please, please contact a trainer or animal behaviorist in your area for help. Determining the cause for your Chihuahua’s seizures is a task that’s best left up to your veterinarian. Chihuahua suddenly acting scared of me. Close. I have listed the link to many of the articles that I think may help you. Chihuahua acting strange ale_h83. 2. Nothing has … ... For example, they may have gotten scared by the loud noise of fireworks or thunderstorms, or they may be stressed from being in a new environment where there are a lot of strangers. Muscle Weakness or Injury. Diagnostic Testing for Chihuahuas. Is your dog suddenly panting and shaking badly? Tail – What your little dog’s tail for signs that he is becoming scared. Today was a hectic day. He isn't properly socialized and is pretty scared of the cats hissing.

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