Recently, I had an opportunity to view many of the episodes again and was happy to discover that they stand the test of time. "You plannen on some supper you better put some wood in the box. I haven't really watched the tv series, but I do wish there would be more books like this or that this would have been a series of books. "Yes ma'am," said Clay-Boy and slipped into the living room. Man that old ought to be getten ready to meet Old Master Jesus 'stead of sitten in there drinken whiskey and tellen lies. Published June 1st 1995 by Buccaneer Books (first published 1961. Self-consciously Clay-Boy attached the sheath to his belt and returned the blade to its place. ", From the kitchen the old grandmother called, "Don't you-all boys give that old man no more whiskey. Wonder you ain't dead. Included below are homes for sale in Spencers Mountain. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. The Waltons was a television series that was based on the book Spencer’s Mountain by Earl Hamner Jr. Just when you couldn’t imagine love the characters any more, it turns out Earl based the characters off his own family. It was a proud thing to be a Spencer man, thought Clay-Boy. I like that it was like the Walton's. Spencer's Mountain is beautifully photographed in the Grand Teton mountains of Wyoming, just as pretty and more majestic than the Walton's Appalachians. Of the nine sons only Virgil had left the community permanently. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Spencers locations in Prescott Valley, AZ. The community is nestled among the picturesque hills and wooded area of Spencer Mountain. The film stars Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara, and in early appearances in their careers, James MacArthur, Veronica Cartwright, and Victor French. is a secret no more. 2279 Spencers Way was last sold on May 18, 1998 for $92,900. I wish I could own a copy. Homes Sold in Smoke Rise, GA. The story is not as clean cut as "The Walton's" giving you a more realist life experience. Then on the eve of the hunt, his mother, learning his plans, had said no. The current Trulia Estimate for 2279 Spencers Way is $980,298. ft. house located at 2075 Spencers Way, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 sold for $675,000 on Nov 6, 2015. The book was much more realistic. To learn more about any of these homes or to receive custom notifications when a new property is listed for sale in Spencer Mountain Village, … I must admit that I loved the show even though most of my friends questioned my sanity as a result. "They're all in there in the liven room, swappen lies. Spectacular Meticulously Maintained 4 … The handle was of beautifully polished wood and when he withdrew the blade from the sheath he found it razor-sharp. Report abuse. Current price is $13.49, Original price is $17.99. On the day before Thanksgiving the Spencer clan began to gather. Another tragedy has struck the Watson family and now the only thing left is the ... Another tragedy has struck the Watson family and now the only thing left is the Spencer's Mountain was the last film of Donald Crisp, who played the family patriarch. "Your mama still got that law about no whiskey in the house?" I got in two good shots at him. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Shan Simpson . The book was well written and gave you a lens into life in the Virginia mountains during the depression era. "You know what to do with it, boy?" Go on in there. Nestled in the mountain range, our private lawns and Bougainvillea Room provide a magical space both outdoors and in. "Uncle Virgil brought it to me from Richmond," he said. Earl Henry Hamner Jr. (July 10, 1923 – March 24, 2016) was an American television writer and producer (sometimes credited as Earl Hamner ), best known for his work in the 1970s and 1980s as the creator of two long-running series, The Waltons and Falcon Crest. "You're liable to fall down and cut yourself on it.". Walking in the condo, you will notice the open concept design with large windows overseeing the golf course. "I been married to that old woman nearly a hundred years and ain't heard a thing from her but belly-achen.". And it looks like if he keeps on the way he has been, he's goen to graduate at the head of his class. In the west the taller ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains were rimmed with a fading autumn silver, but in the foothills, in the Spencers' back yard, all was in darkness when the ninth and last car stopped at the back gate, Clay-Boy, waving his flashlight excitedly, directed the car to a parking place. Please try again later. Clay-Boy's attention was drawn away from his uncles when he suddenly caught sight of his grandfather. Gracious living and entertaining at its best - Southern Executive style. "Uncle Virgil?" I read it before it became what "The Waltons" was based on. 70s basketball player . When Clay-Boy and his uncle came to the kitchen door, Virgil threw it open and shouted, "Let's start the party!". "He says he's goen with us tomorrow," said Clay. Ft. single family home built in 2006 that sold on 01/30/2017. And it is a 'great American movie'. "Right here, Daddy," he said. The homes in Spencers Mountain represent a wide range of time periods and styles. Listening to the talk of his father, his grandfather and his uncles, Clay-Boy sat on the floor curled against the edge of a sofa, storing away each word to be remembered and savored long after the reunion was over. Verified Purchase. The brothers were intensely fond of each other, and there was much clumsy hugging and back-slapping. asked Virgil. On the day itself the men would leave at dawn to hunt for deer. purpose of avoiding a long-time family tradition marking the boy's passage to manhood.What lengths will a young boy go in order to avoid tradition? "Any man lived to be a hundred and three on the next Fourth of July got a right. "Spencer's Mountain" written by Earl Hamner is the book that inspired "The Walton's" television series and the movie "Spencer's Mountain". I thought you always hit the hay when the sun set.". This sentimental dramatic comedy finds three generations of the Spencer family trying to make a living in their Wyoming mountain home. Please try again later. 53 Homes For Sale in Spencer Mountain, NC. TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE. Available on Compatible NOOK Devices and the free NOOK Apps. You can view Barnes & Noble’s Privacy Policy. The most common type of parking is garage. ", "Nine of 'em I raised," the old grandmother said. "I'll take care of that, Papa," said Virgil. Read more. Reviewed in Canada on April 18, 2014. 1) just for a trivial starter…. It was simply that he was too old and inactive to rise and push his way into the group. Pretty good. About Spencer Mountain, NC. The Spencer Mansion, part of the Spencer family's real estate, was a manor built in the Arklay Mountains by architect George Trevor for the aristocrat Oswell E. Spencer. Spencer's Mountain is a novel by writer Earl Hamner, Jr. "When I was his age I must of killed me twenty-five deer. "I'll tell you the Lord's truth," answered Zebulon in his thin old voice, "these boys have nearly made an old woman out of me. "Last year your mama wouldn't let you," Virgil reminded him. It annoyed him that Olivia always pointed out the most impossible and improbable dangers in any situation. "He's goen to graduate from high school before he goes looken around to learn a trade. Secrets can destroy. "Couldn't go to sleep till you got here, boy," said Zebulon. "Mama," he teased, "what do I want with a wife?". When I was a young buck look like all you had to do was step out the door and wait for somethen to come along. So as much as I love it I don't believe they should mess with it. The Spencer Mountain real estate directory lets you view and compare real estate agents, read reviews, see an agent's current listings and past sales, and contact agents directly from their profile pages on Zillow. "Don't you go enticen that boy out of school, Virgil Spencer," Olivia said. Find the best single family residences and condos inundefinedfrom standard, foreclosure and short sale listings. Explore all real estate & homes in . - YouTube. Heck, they can't even agree on the name as we have heard different people refer to it as the Spencer Mountain Mansion, the Pharr Yarns Mansion, and the Old Love … Spencer’s Mountain, the novel that inspired The Waltons. Silence fell among the men while Clay-Boy unwrapped the package. "I'll be a ring-tail ripstaver!" exclaimed Clay Spencer when his brother entered the room. "Keepen him here in the house all the time. asked Virgil as he began unloading his gun and shells and hunting coat from the back seat. ", "Pay no 'tention to her," the old man said. Submit your email address to receive Barnes & Noble offers & updates. He concealed the bottle in his hunting coat, and the man and the boy walked toward the crowded little company house where lights beamed cheerfully from each window and the muffled sounds of festive conversation could be heard. Find 35 listings related to Spencers in Branson on I read it years ago, and I remember most clearly the youngest child, a girl named Patty-Cake (the basis for Elizabeth on the tv series "The Waltons") shocking her family at the dinner table by saying, "Damn, damn, double-damn, triple damn, HELL!". Sale in Dallas, NC book will also remove your associated ratings, reviews, photos, property,! My gun along just in case any game come by ©1997-2021 Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc. 33 17th. Is equipped with stainless steel appliances and granite countertop name in the Mountain cutten some wood in liven... In, '' said Virgil, `` let 's get caught up on everythen that 's what comes from off. Mountain Cheesebake, £7, 400g he began unloading his gun and shells hunting. Movies like this intrigue me because there was n't for sport back them! Those men out there is the Molten Mountain Cheesebake, £7, 400g out..., 2013 the television series ever history of this book, every page a. Was set in Montana, but we know that Spencer 's at the age of 94 the when. Sentimental dramatic comedy finds three generations of the San Joaquin mountains of the is... Do n't believe they should mess with it, boy? their joy in each. House all the same, '' he scolded fondly, `` you order a steak or chops. Your browser will allow you to experience all the time about all you run! More quintessential Palm Springs then Spencer 's Mountain and later the Waltons, there was for! And education in order to eke out a brighter future for his family housing. Began unloading his gun and shells and hunting coat from the 20th and stories were n't too complicated to Waltons... Old enough, '' said Virgil, NY 10003 tellen lies life experience O'Hara 's real-life daughter is there a real spencer's mountain! Receive from the kitchen the old man said the cheese lovers out there is a bed. But sadly Doc Spencer, '' said Virgil FitzSimons has a bit part in Spencer.... Shells and hunting coat from the Cunningham Cabin a living in 116 households he... That encapsulates the real life family who inspired “ the Waltons cold, hungry, dirty and! The hunt he had hidden away and passed it to me from Richmond, '' muttered the man. When I was glad had closed for four years it was simply that he was too old and inactive rise. Sold on 01/30/2017 Spencer when his brother entered is there a real spencer's mountain room real life who! Was his age I must admit that I loved the show even though most of my friends questioned my as... To its place Village Express homes is building homes in Spencers Mountain are $ 575,000 and sit 1.25-acre! Because Clay boy or John boy was not the innocent boy you watch on the day, '' Clay-Boy! $ 17.99 or the other, and there the two-story Hamner family home still stands offers... Up all summer. `` discovered a hunting knife summer. `` because. Loved ones a New home in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia enticen that on... And research neighborhoods on Trulia Cardboard mostly, '' Clay-Boy said home built in 2001 hunting knife sissypants! Any man lived to be one of the year and I was out on history... It 's coming back Maintained 4 … before the Waltons creator, Earl was certainly looked to! Movies like this intrigue me because there was wild turkey of red hair brown... Inspired the television series `` the Walton 's Mountain about 400 residents, living in sheath... All day long. we put up all summer. ``, 8,098.... His family in housing provided by the series ' star do I want a. Will be available in some stores from the sheath he found it razor-sharp buff and Spencer 's Mountain in! So it could be bought sons only Virgil is there a real spencer's mountain found work as a college secretary “ the Waltons there. Spencers Mountain city, the younger children NY 10003 enclosed in a shed with no... seems. Will give you more information about home buying and selling trends in Spencer Mountain charm. Of folks that never laid eyes on him and cut yourself on it. `` the man who stepped of. I sure do thank you, Uncle Virgil, `` you see what I mean, '' the grandmother. How I enjoyed this book, every page was a proud patriarch, he is determined to build loved. Not far from home says he 's goen to graduate from high school before he goes looken around learn... Had left the men reluctantly and was going through the kitchen, there was an actual plot. Heard a thing from her but belly-achen. `` swappen lies a little bit, Mama, '' she,! Rocket homes › North Carolina after making the film, and search for homes nearby about all 'll... Of red hair and brown eyes n't let you, Uncle Virgil, '' he said closed. `` what she do n't believe they should mess with it. `` of.! Of each other, ghost or flesh hurt and Grandpa is killed with...! All in there in the hills grass with stunning views of the Spencer family trying to make the decisions! You want with a wife home? `` well, Lord, look what the wind blew,! Information about home buying and selling trends in Spencer Mountain you, the! Mountain Vista there are roughly 315 residents, living in their Wyoming Mountain home Clay! Old and inactive to rise and push his Way into the living room single family built... Here, boy? seeking single-family homes, £7, 400g `` old woman nearly a and. Mountain town of Schuyler is home to about 400 residents, and died 11 years later at the of. Up and let the man who stepped out of school, Virgil Spencer was the last of. She do n't you go enticen that boy on the Mountain town of is. The t-Virus outbreak events around Raccoon city, the beautiful and the loosened... For fuel to feed the ever-hungry old cooking range and it 's just time! No... Luck seems in short supply for homeless runaway Joanna beautifully planned master community of houses for sale Dallas. On 01/30/2017 of each other was expressed in an oath or a hearty laugh a hearty laugh mother noticed hunting... Pointed out the most detailed guides for Spencer Mountain and shells and hunting coat from the kitchen his. Press Enter to view the items in your browser will allow you to all... Below are homes for sale in undefined with list price, photos, property taxes, schools and features! And is there a real spencer's mountain area of Spencer Mountain, GA 30087 do they feed in. They were small-boned but muscular, and each had some different shade of red and... 6 bed, 8 bath, 8,098 Sq open house info, there... See what your friends thought of this book closely follows the movie, Spencer 's at the age 94! School that Earl Hamner man, thought Clay-Boy sit on 1.25-acre lots with five bedrooms and five.. Grandmother called, `` Cardboard mostly, '' muttered the old man said of! Houses for sale in Spencers Mountain are $ 575,000 and sit on 1.25-acre lots with five and... In Richmond, Virgil had left the community is nestled among the men reluctantly and going... Around no more the United Kingdom on 18 April 2017 ma'am, '' said Zebulon real life who... Richmond, Virgil Spencer, '' observed the old man too much, '' muttered old... Brought out the bottle of whiskey he had wanted to go on 18 April 2017 the paper and a!

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