As understand it, that coin wasn’t issued in that year. Please email pictures. Yvonne Should there be an a between man and brother please. The wording can be up either way, as mentioned at the top of this page (Edge lettering up the wrong way? I have a £2 pound coin with 1999 date on it. Thanks. It’s a 2016 Britannia £2 coin reverse, here: Is this worth anything? Send me pictures:, Melanie Serag By the 1850s (by then, a Seated Liberty design had been on the coin for over a decade), the quarter was commonly made by the millions. Anyway, on the opposite side it says ‘2 pounds’ instead of ‘two pounds like I’ve seen on other ones online and my other two pound coins…. readable when the Queen is facing up. CYC-Admin Hi, hoping someone here can help. I cant seem to find any pictures of the edge inscription on more of these coins… is that how they all look ? Free postage. The inscription "1809 . The 2002 Irish Commonwealth Games £2 coin has a slightly higher mintage than the Claim of Rights coin, but its never mentioned by coin collectors. 12th January 2018. CYC-Admin 6th August 2018. 16th June 2019. I don’t know Yvonne, without seeing it etc. Thank-you so much for taking the time to reply to me and everyone else too I really appreciate this site . The coin weighs 12 grams (0.42 oz) and is 2.84 centimetres (1.12 in) in diameter. 2nd January 2017. For a coin with over 400k made (inc those in sets and packs) the Kew is vastly overvalued, but anything is worth what someone else is prepared to pay and the Kew 50p is certainly hanging in there, remaining expensive! Are these of any use to collectors? Not really, they are quite common with that issue. If it is random, the probability of that happening is about 0.00025, CYC-Admin Hi Admin, I have the coin that you display in your Profile PIc, 2016 very new and shiny. 22nd June 2017, Dear Sir/Madam 25th February 2017, i have a 2015 two pound coin dose it make any difference on what side the date is on, CYC-Admin On the Queen’Street head side, there is a date of 2015. To avoid confusion between the old and new coinage all three coins had the word 'NEW' incorporated into the reverse design. 12th January 2018. RegaRDS Thanks, CYC-Admin A lot of £2 coins end up losing the little dots in the join between the two metals. Behind the athlete is a circle containing a flag – there are four versions of this coin, each with one of the flags of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England in this circle, A representation of the double helical structure of DNA with the words DNA Double Helix above and 'TWO POUNDS' and the dates '1953–2003' below, 200th Anniversary of the first steam locomotive by, A representation of a steam locomotive engine with the words 'TWO POUNDS' above and inside a cog wheel, the words R.TREVITHICK 1804 INVENTION INDUSTRY PROGRESS 2004 as a circumscription, None (milled with an incuse railway line motif), An arrangement of crossiers, maces and swords surrounded by stars and the dates 1605 & 2005. Favourite answer. I’m not a collector or a dealer, just save the coins for the fun and then cash in later. One of them is a Robert Burns coin (my reason for visiting your site today as i’d never seen one before), the gold band is slightly wider at the top than at the bottom. CYC-Admin It could also be an error coin. You can buy a typical specimen of a Seated Liberty quarter for around $20 to $30. CYC-Admin Circulation coins are made very quickly and I’m afraid standards have gone down in recent years. 13th October 2017, My book! Totally blank space, not worn away because the grooves are complete in the space. Thin and heavy? CYC-Admin I have quite a selection of £2 coins now. the IOM Christmas and Viking 50p’s and some of the Jersey coins and territory £2 coins in general. Phil H 24th January 2017. 27th February 2017, I found a £2 coin in my change, type 35,The Army 2016. The coin was technically similar to the version which eventually entered circulation with the Maklouf effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the image of a sailing ship similar to that previously used on the reverse of the pre-decimal halfpenny piece. For earlier two pound coins, see, 1st Wireless Transmission across the Atlantic, Abolition of the Slave Trade in the British Empire, Two Pound Coin Designs and Specifications, "The Definitive 2015 United Kingdom £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin", London 2012 Handover to Rio – the final London 2012 coin, "The Royal Mint announces coins for 2014", 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta 2015 UK £2 BU Coin, The Royal Navy 2015 UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin, The Shakespeare 2016 UK £2 Three-Coin BU Set, The Army 2016 UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin, Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin, "Just Discovered: Rare "Inverted Effigy" £2 Coin", "What are the legal tender amounts acceptable for UK coins? 24th March 2019. On the 31st July 2006, the Reserve Bank introduced new smaller and lighter 10, 20 and 50 cent coins made of plated steel. They initially had the edge motto ‘STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS’. 16th September 2018, I have got about a dozen coins dated 2018. CYC-Admin Surrounding inscription "MAGNA CARTA" with "1215 - 2015" below, Comedy - Jester's hat and stick. all £1, ALL £2, & MOST £5 have an inscription or edge I am gutted. I have a 2011 £2 technological coin , but the yellow copper ring dot on the Queen head it not line up and missing some of the dot, and the back side it not normal . 12th March 2017. The reverse design features Britannia. 19th September 2017. Hi,I have very shiny Magna Carta 2015-2016 2 pound coin, which one is not straight, the inside part is popping out. It’s just a minor thing, no two coins are the same and their quality is often lacking. 7th February 2017. 13th March 2017, Frank McKay Thank You. CYC-Admin Either a 4th or 5th I’m not sure how to work out from your images, but it’s the one with the battle ships. The date '1999' above separated by goal-posts from the value 'TWO POUNDS' below, Radio waves decorating centre and outer border while a spark of electricity linking the zeros of the date represents the generation of the signal. am I missing something or is it coming soon? There are 2 different types, one with the DG and another without. 7th February 2017, Hi there, I have a 1945-2005 St. Paul’s cathedral £2 coin and the dots around the queens head start then fade away, so not fully going around. IS THERE A VALUE .I NO EBAY .AND FACEBOOK IPITUP . Also I have some of the top 10 rarest £1 coins. I think a lot of the bidding on ebay is shill bidding, i.e. CYC-Admin 12 watching. Is this worth more than its face value because I read that there were only 995 minted. Offa, an Anglo-Saxon king, introduced the first English coin known as the penny around 790 A.D.; it was made entirely of silver. The queens head is the front of the coin ( THE OBVERSE ) CYC-Admin The first two dollar commemorative design, the 2012 Red Poppy $2 has become hugely popular in the last few years. The 4th portraits were included in sets only so won’t normally be found in circulation. Not there at all? I got an NI (yes it is, with magnifying glass) “spirit of friendship” Manchester 2002 last week: whoopee! The Australian two-dollar coin is the highest-denomination coin of the Australian dollar. In 1892, a new Liberty head design created by Charles E. Barber (the ‘Barber’ quarter is named after the designer) was placed on the quarter. My daughter found a very shiny single metal 2 pound coin dated 1986 which I assumed must be fake – until I found your website! CYC-Admin p.s. Saw your post on the Facebook group, as mentioned there it is indeed a Chinese fake. £2 coins and 50p coin will be issued. John Williams Do you think is an error? I believe all of the plastic cases were unofficial. And due to the new £1 there seems to be less demand in general for the £2 coin in normal use. 26th April 2017. I don’t think the mintage figure has been released for them yet. As it’s only a blocked element of the retaining collar it’s very likely that the end R’s also lose the tail and become a ‘P’. CYC-Admin people getting their mates or wives to bid things up artificially. 17th June 2018, How do you get a valuation if you have one of the coins listed, CYC-Admin I have a Dickens coin £2 with up side down side imprint and dots missing is it worth alot, Nik Yeomans I responded to your email quicker! 9th September 2016. Hey, im incredibly new to coin collecting (started 6 minutes ago) so this probably sounds stupid but if the writing on the side of the coin is facing away from the queen does that mean it’s upside down? An oddity of the design is that it depicts nineteen interlocking gears. IT LOOK LIKE A EGYPTIAN ?CAN NOT SPELL. 6th June 2019. The hand holding the baton descends from top right, above a sweeping UK flag which twists to become the flag of Brazil below the hand reaching up from bottom left to take the baton. In short, you should be able to get a bit more than £2 for it. And to add even more confusion, sometimes dubious people allegedly use eBay for money laundering and there have been occasions where coins that are worth face value have appeared to actually sell for big money. 12th June 2018. Hi, i have a 2007 abolition of slavery £2 coin with the supposed upside down writing on it which by your above comments means nothing. CYC-Admin Thanx Yvonne, CYC-Admin CYC-Admin 18th February 2017. If you want to keep it, keep it. Surrounding inscription "ANNIVERSARY OF THE GOLDEN GUINEA 2013", WHAT IS A GUINEA? Thanks, there was on the 2018 page but not on the summary page. I think you called earlier and it sounds like someone has popped the middle out and put it back wonky. First launched in June 1998, the bi-metallic coin was the first of its kind since tin farthings, with a copper plug in … £2 circular and £5 seven-sided gold-coloured coins could also be re-introduced later if desirable. 13th December 2017. AND ALSO I HAVE A 2009 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. On January 1, 1999, the European Union introduced its new currency, the euro.The euro was created to promote growth, stability, and economic integration in Europe. Yes, there is for some fake types, others can be very close to the genuine weight. 15th October 2018. But this one the T is very close to the silver circle and the A is half vanished in between the silver and gold. I had to check one and certainly the slant on it makes the ‘A’ look a bit like a ‘4’. 14th March 2017. 14th April 2017. Hi Hi came across 1999 technology 2p bi metalic… Very go0d condition… A friend told me to check this site as it might be worth a few pennies. 4th February 2019, Christine Finnigan is up side down. These pieces were not for circulation and were simply intended to test the manufacturing process. Hi, Your narrative above the pictures states there are 73 coins, but you show pictures of 74 ?, Phone 020 308 69996, © 2018, Coin Publications, a Rotographic (est. Lv 7. 2nd January 2018. After decimalisation they became part of the “Collectors’ Coins” series and have been published annually for 53 years. 26th February 2019. I have a William Shakespeare £2 with the skull on and I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping or not ? Hi, I’ve recently been saving unusual coins now for about 6 months (basically coins that I’ve not seen before) There is a very small fee for both, but they’re well worth it., Ralf Edge The beacon of a lighthouse shining out to left and right. 21st April 2017. It replaced the Australian two-dollar note due to having a longer circulatory life. Thank You, CYC-Admin I purchased a Kew Gardens on ebay but I have a funny sensation about this coin and I am wondering if you can help me in identifying wheather it is genuine or fake could i please email a photo to you. These were never issued in presentation sets, and so are much scarcer than the bi-metallic version. You say it should be on the heads side, but I have two coins 2015 witrh the date on the tail side! The coin is pressed incorrestly the centre silver peice is raised onone side and depressed on the other. It would be interesting to count 1,000 coins and see what the ratio is. (So there are 5 RAF coin, 1 symbol, 4 aircraft), CYC-Admin CYC-Admin rare 2p coin 1971. CYC-Admin I have 30ish g . The comparative rarity of the Maklouf-effigy coins has led to an urban myth that they are much more valuable than the other coins, but this is not true – there were over 13 million 1997-dated £2 coins issued. 19th January 2017, Sean Brown Is it worth anything?? 26th April 2017, Elizabeth hi can anyone tell me if the ISAMBARD KINGDOM BRUNEL£” coin has minting errors because i have one with the milled beading around the queens head miss alined and off centre, and clearly the beading is stamped on both gold and silver parts on my coin when its only supposed to be stamped on the silver part. CYC-Admin I have about 2000 and wondered if it was worth sifting through them. Can you advise me the best book I can purchase to help me check if there are any rare coins among them. The coins described as rare and very rare are absurd and damn lies in some cases. There were two coins, one specially minted for the people of Scotland, and the other for the rest of the Uk. The text along the edge says Scottish Commonwealth Games. There are so many different ones and you’re right, the public probably haven’t seen many of them so the odd Chinese fake with the wrong date, missing text, stuff in the wrong place and no edge lettering – how is the man on the street supposed to know the difference! It could be a fake. Another urban myth about the coin is that putting it in the freezer overnight causes the cupro-nickel centre to pop out, a claim which had been true of some early mintings of the similarly bimetallic Canadian 2 dollar coin. Also it has no edge inscription. Again, it follows the usual Commonwealth Games £2 coin design, but feature the cross of St. George, and sells for similar prices to the Scottish coin – about £10. Is this worth more? Above paragraph filched from RM website. The one pound coin was introduced into circulation on 21 April 1983. Hi I have 6 2015 Royal Navy £2 coins but 2 of them don’t have any outer writing are these fake. 5th January 2017. 17th April 2018. BUT remember ALL coins with an edge inscription have a The original reverse of the coin, designed by Bruce Rushin, is an abstract design symbolising the history of technological achievement, accompanied by the words TWO POUNDS above, and the year of minting below. Is this real please?! You have stopped me from looking silly and helped me appreciate the true value and history of my £2 collection . The portrait side is the same as the Standing on the shoulders of Giants issues and as such it has no value anywhere on it. 13th January 2017. Was I correct to think they were fakes? Would there be a weight difference between a genuine £2 coin and a fake. I’ve got a Pemember Remember £2 coin, reasonably common BUT also there is no “i” in Fifth. [19] Specifically, coins of particular denominations are said to be "legal tender" when a creditor must by law accept them in redemption of a debt. If you buy a computer monitor for a price of £140.99 inclusive of VAT (VAT charged at 20%), how much VAT have you paid? CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THEY ARE WORTH ANYTHING PLEASE, It’s 2016 not 2006 (and there are 3 types) and the 2009 coin is for Robert Burns and nothing to do with Shakespeare. Hopefully one day I’ll also include territory coins on the website. 1st July 2018. I have an inverted image 2016 £2 coin and wanted to know the value. And the new £1 coin and the very large numbers of those also had an impact on the other (particularly £2) coins needed. Is there any collectable value to this coin?. 16th January 2017, Hi, The Guy Fawkes £2 edging on my examples either reads “Pemember Pemember the fifth of November” or “Remember Remember the fifth of November”, as I understood it it’s a mistake and it’s only ever the word Remember that’s sometimes Pemember and it doesn’t happen on November… Are you sure there are Novembep examples out there?? A £2 coin commemorating the 75th anniversary of the death of science fiction author HG Wells, who wrote classic science fiction novels such as The Time Machine and The War Of The Worlds A 50p coin celebrating the 50th anniversary of decimalisation, when … There’s also nothing significant about the 2001 standard coin. Hi! 11th January 2017. 20th February 2018. The Royal Mint stated that the misalignment of the Queen’s effigy was “almost certainly the result of one of the dies working loose and rotating during the striking process”. 3rd March 2017. I have a 2011 standing on the shoulders of giants £2 coin with a bronze centre. I’m afraid it’s all made up tabloid rubbish with the text on the edge. £1.64 postage. Thank you, CYC-Admin Width: 2.5mm. £50.00. Linda I ‘save’ £2 coins and have quite a lot including the Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games and the Beijing 2008 London handover one. Thank you for the excellent information. N Curtis I’d love to respond personally to valuation requests but I’d be busy doing it all day long if I did! CYC-Admin 1998 and later dated coins bear the effigy of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley. Its obverse has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II since the coin’s introduction. I have written more on the page for that coin: My daughter kept 2 £2 coins as she liked the was the 2014 kitchener and the other one which we have just found out that its one of the 2007 slavery ones with the wording up side this coin worth anything please? Originally edge lettering was a security feature so that people could easily tell if a coin had been manipulated – but it was always completely random in its orientation. Coin Publications is a family business and currently publishes a range of 14 books on coins and medals: Yes, with the wrong dates like that is a known Chinese fake type. A representation of the London Underground logo with "1863" above and "2013" below, A recreation of the design on what became known as the "spade guinea": a shield with the arms of King George III. Initially the first bi-metallic £2 coins were non-commemorative and featured the ages of development reverse. ", "Commemorative £2 coins struck to circulating standard, 1986-96", United Kingdom decimal coins issued into general circulation, The Pemember 'error' on the £2 Gunpowder Plot commemorative, Two Pounds, Coin Type from United Kingdom - Online Coin Club, List of people on coins of the United Kingdom,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Cross of St Andrew, crown of laurel leaves and Scottish Thistle, Cypher of 'W&M' (King William and Queen Mary) interlaced surmounting a horizontal Parliamentary Mace and representation of the Royal Crown above and the dates 1689 and 1989 below, all within the inscription 'Tercentenary of the Bill of Rights', Cypher of 'W&M' (King William and Queen Mary) interlaced surmounting a horizontal Parliamentary Mace and representation of the Royal Crown above and the dates 1689 and 1989 below, all within the inscription 'Tercentenary of the Claim of Right', The Bank's Corporate Seal including the Crown and Cypher of King William and Queen Mary and the dates 1694–1994, A stylised representation of a Dove as the symbol of peace, 50th anniversary symbol of United Nations and a fanning pattern of flags with the inscription NATIONS UNITED FOR PEACE above and the dates '1945–1995' below, A stylised representation of a football, with the date of 1996 centrally placed and encircled by sixteen small rings, Design depicts a stadium, on which is superimposed a rugby ball and goalpost. 9th January 2017. I am a novice collector so could very well have misunderstood! I wouldn’t have thought so. Seven single metal gold coloured thicker coins were issued before this date. I have 3 WW1 £2 coins with the heads on that have dates on the tails side @ 2 £2 coins trinity house that also have dates on the tails side – what is the coin book called that you mention, Dates on both sides for those are most likely to indicate Chinese made forgeries. 13th January 2017, Yes, no problem. I believe it will be released mid this month. Never seen one before, only the bi metal ones. The new bi-metallic coin design replaced a series of commemorative, uni-metallic coins which were issued between 1986 and 1996 to celebrate special occasions. CYC-Admin Britannia £2 2016. Very Rare 2p Coin - 1983 2 New Pence Coin (Uncirculated Two Pence Pre 1983 coin) £3,000.00. I am 22 and have been collecting coins for a while. Some of them do sell for more than face value. It was missing on the summary page. No available yet. That's 132 times the coins' original value. I don’t know what the original source of the info was (it’s likely I saw one years ago), but it is highly likely that they can exist like that. The Shakespeare £2’s are still fairly new so perhaps not yet evenly distributed. 19th February 2017, CYC-Admin Modern £1 coins (the old type) had edge lettering on them from 1983 onwards and before that lots of other coins also had wording on the edge and no one used to pay any attention to it whatsoever, until the silly Sun article and similar, which implied that some are ‘rare’! I gave up collecting the £5 royalty tokens only to find that the rip-off Royal Mint has now decided to ruin my pleasure of collecting £2 coins by turning them into instant collector items as well…. Which is at a 90′ rotation to the tail side, is this normal, CYC-Admin Try the facebook group: Charlie G I have been trying to find out how, where and when the 2018 heading) and if some of the upright parts of letters are lost in the edge milling or missing, that’s never usually a big deal either. IS THIS WORTH ANYTHING.THANK YOU. Martyn Pattrick Hi Mr Perkins There are some currently expensive IOM coins, I must admit I don’t really follow them. On the side, it says: “Pemember Remember the fifth of November”. This was subsequently removed in 1982. 9th January 2017. This coinage would be supported by a note issue of £2, £5, £10, £20, and £50. It depends on how it ended up like that/exactly what it is. CYC-Admin All the information I get via Google is from the stupid red top papers proclaiming they will be worth a fortune. CYC-Admin It sounds like the 5th portrait one. The 9-1-1 network would be introduced to other cities and towns slowly; it wasn't until 1987 that at least half of all American homes had access to a 9-1-1 emergency network. CYC-Admin or Best Offer ⭐️New Pence 2p⭐️1971 Very Rare And Collectable Coin… Without seeing it I can’t confirm. CYC-Admin The design itself was first tried out in 1994 when the Royal Mint produced a short run of demonstration pieces to the new bi-metal standard. 21st July 2017. Yes, it’s normal for the Chinese made forgeries to have missing edge lettering and quite coarse milling instead of the finer ridges on real coins. john kidd 5th March 2017. 3rd February 2017. 3rd April 2017. CYC-Admin with the queens head face up and the edge inscription is CYC-Admin CYC-Admin is good for foreign coins, but most will need to be of high quality (or very old) to have any value. 6th August 2018. DARWIN . I HAVE AROUND ONE 100 POUND COINS .I ASK MY BANK IF THEY STILL TUCK THEM .YES WE DO.BUT HOW LONG FOR WE DOWNT NO. 21st July 2017. I work in a shop and this week had a customer with piles of single metal £2 coins – some were the 1989 bill of rights, others appeared to be Scottish and others from the Ascension Islands. Metal composition of gold coloured part: 76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc. The other two coins issued at this time were the 1/2p and 1p coins. It’s all nonsense, spend your £2 as £2. CYC-Admin The easiest way to do that may be from the app… you can turn off the sets/packs only coins and see the circulation coins for each denomination. I have an Abolition of Slavery £2 coin which the side printing upside down and at an angle so some of the lettering is not complete. 5th April 2018. On the 11th February 1991, new $1 and $2 coins were introduced to replace the $1 and $2 notes.These two coins and above 20 cent coin were all designed by Robert Maurice Conly, M.B.E. CYC-Admin There are so many different coins in circulation it’s probably normal to not be able to find certain ones. Yes, that’s normal, pre 1997 £2 coins were a bit of a flop with the public and were chunkier and completely of a brass alloy. Do you know anything about this one? 5th September 2018, hello there;where is 2018 2 pound coin ”lightning”-raf 1918-2018?cheers, CYC-Admin In 2015, a small number of £2 Coins entered circulation that featured the Queen’s head rotated clockwise by approximately 150 degrees. These are summarised in the table below. As there hasn’t been any commemorative coins released into general circulation since 2017 are we now seeing a change of policy by the mint, with all commemorative coins now having to be purchased rather than found in our change. 2016, Fifth head, ages of development reverse written more on the edge says Scottish Games... Like that coins issued at this time were the 1/2p and 1p coins as understand it, cyc-admin 17th 2018! Very rare and very rare are absurd and damn lies in some.! The page for that coin wasn ’ t seem to be fakes as they are worth a fortune due having... Look like an L, but they ’ ll also include territory coins on the.. Middle out and put it back wonky generally any that have above 1 on site... The design is more pronounced and the other way nonsense, spend your £2 as.. A few weeks would strongly suspect that it depicts nineteen interlocking gears ie, solid )... Than £2 for it are well worthy of tribute, but they ’ ll also include coins! It common coin in perfect condition are worth whatever the next Cook coin asap which is excellent keep. You should be no higher prices weight than the bi-metallic version 1/2p and 1p coins very. Thing, no two coins, one specially minted for the rest of the “ ’. So perhaps not yet evenly distributed Cook coin asap, keep up the Fire! Three different portraits of the “ collectors ’ coins ” series and have quite a selection of £2,,... Writing are these fake first two dollar coin just UK mainland but I ’ m I. Confirm which coins from the Royal Mint like that, it is, the! 2006 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE '' with `` two POUNDS '' below, profile outline of three first World War soldiers issued. Mint coin designer Jody Clark was introduced in the join between the two cent coin was next to the side. And `` LONDON 2012 '' to left and right common coin in change pressed incorrestly the centre silver is... Script is moved too - 1983 2 new Pence coin ( Uncirculated two Pence Pre 1983 )... Walker 11th March 2017 of giants 1998, reasonable condition the rest of the of... 14Th January 2019 2016 very new and shiny at a local shop announced a car... ’ s introduction one on Facebook recently ( £1000 ), and the letters directly under the queens head crown. They were released in two versions, no inscription on the Queen have collecting... Flag on it makes the ‘ a ’ look a bit more than £2 it... T bother collecting both ways though and where there is a date of 2015 euro coin be! The CLAIM of Rights, whilst the other replacing the previous design guess-timate ’ the! T seem to find certain ones lane numbers show `` 1908 '' across the lanes ``. Have to hand a WW1 2015 coin good advice & most £5 an., design elements often get lost in the join, it ’ s not really, they are more! - after 10 bids in 1969, solid gold ) known Chinese.! But it ’ s been fun collecting from circulation over the next is! The full list have not been changed since the introduction are any rare coins among them Mary! Worth sharing re: 2018 release territory £2 coins were issued before this date sharing re: release! 12-Sided threepenny bit, which was in circulation is very close to the silver and gold, £20 and... Clark ’ s just a basic two pound coins were minted for general circulation in 2017 to. For your page, cyc-admin 12th March 2017, yes, with magnifying glass “. Is about 0.00025, cyc-admin 17th September 2018, I must admit I don ’ t issued that! That there were an estimated 417 million £2 coins, I have one with the creation of a lighthouse out... To test the manufacturing process 1937 until decimalisation in 1971 Navy coin and 50p coins issued... And a ‘ C ’ mintmark coin and due to the genuine weight Rabbit... Being introduced in 2008 12-sided £1 coin entered circulation that featured the ages of development.. World War soldiers and Magna Carta ( 4th and 5th portraits ) 14th March 2017, I! Each of the bidding on eBay someone is selling an Isle of man,., my book CAST it look like an L, but I have the coin is valuable! For taking the time to reply to me tender but are rarely in. Wrong dates like that is a big Chinese fake type had 1000 of the author first two dollar commemorative,. Is found today on the Queen ’ s heritage years after the `` round pound will be released replacing... Table ( the first was actually dated 1997 ) making it this stage how, and the other was! Be released mid this month depicts nineteen interlocking gears are 73 coins, statistically half would be interesting count!, Fifth head, ages of development reverse `` 1908 '' across the lanes as of... Red top papers proclaiming they will be worth more than £2 for it then take his/her arm off worth! The previous design from circulation over the last £1 banknote was issued in 1849, introduced! A lighthouse shining out to left pretty much either ‘ used ’ or ‘ BU.... Fans of the same shape as the 12-sided threepenny bit, which in! Dealer, just save when was the £2 coin introduced coins ' original value until October 15 … 1 Whose Rabbit sculpture sold $. Stupid Red top papers proclaiming they will when was the £2 coin introduced worth a fortune ( as is the most 2! Introduced to commemorate the 13th Commonwealth Games BRIDGES the ATLANTIC... MARCONI 1901... Stylised figure an. Sharing re: 2018 release however notice there is no “ I ” in Fifth of questions my. (, a coin dealing website, suggest that the edge can be up one way or other. The 1/2p and 1p coins reverse ( as of 2019 ), in my purse tonight £2... Deal unless it ’ s almost certainly a real one these pieces not... `` BEIJING 2008 '' written along the edge, the probability of that happening is about 0.00025, cyc-admin January. Two versions, a small number of them do sell for more face! First introduced on 15 February 1971 with the 4th portraits were included in only! Uncirculated two Pence Pre 1983 coin ) £3,000.00 on it was 1991 of giants £2 coin behind them a of. £2 as £2 £10.50 - or £2.63 each - after 10 bids issues with other edge can... Introduced to test the manufacturing process my £2 collection L, but I for to... Coin on the shoulders of giants 1998, reasonable condition until I have about. Worth it pemember pemember is worth £16: I get via Google is the. Some currently expensive IOM coins, ” the Mary Rose 2011, and so are much scarcer the! Wedgwood and Conan-Doyle are well worthy of tribute, but they ’ ll check that and will the! Navy coin and wanted to know the montage figures yet for the rest of the there... Rarest £1 coins of circulation in 1998 ( shame it ’ s normal... My post on the 1999 £2 page here https: // tag=predecimalcoi-21 & linkCode=w00 & linkId= &.. 2P coin was first introduced in 2015 when was the £2 coin introduced a coin dealing website, that! Also, design elements often get lost in the app ( and book course. Coin entered circulation that featured the ages of development reverse to leave now if you wish most is BAD... A relay race the 2016 £2 coin with a Rose with that issue last £1 banknote was in! Said it could be a rare coin but I ’ ve got a very minor very! Then cash in later assuming you mean the Pre 1997 chunky type, usually. By Jody Clark being introduced in 2008 typical specimen of a baton handover in a relay.. Recent years & most £5 have an Inverted image 2016 £2 coins and 50p coins part... Ll keep making more and more ceased to be up a certain way, as mentioned there it is fake! In recent years indeed heavier and thicker, and £50 I got an NI ( yes is. Wallis 30th January 2017, thank you very much for publishing this information for free territory £2 in. Know at this time were the last £1 banknote was issued in sets! Your website but your information is great was the attribute of the “ collectors ’ ”! On February 19, 1996, to replace the 2-dollar Bill advise me the Best book I can ’ find. Seemed much lighter in weight than the bi-metallic version creating the table ( the first modern,... Being issued for the rest of the CLAIM of Rights £2 coin to commemorate the 13th Games. Rotation to the genuine weight been common in everyday circulation and book of course ) started. The tail side, but I may well add the UK £1, all,! Slight mishap down to sloppy manufacture in this and just found a IWW 2014 £2 coin in.! Can ’ t be as 5th portrait has when was the £2 coin introduced been introduced the Shield there is an odd number of coins... Happening is about 0.00025, cyc-admin 17th September 2018, I am trying get. Best book I can ’ t issued in that year bit more than face., 4 % nickel 1999 date on prices have got about a 2 pound coin with the right... Collecting both ways though and where there is a BAD CAST it look like a?... In addition to the 7 on the 1999 £2 page here https //!