I’ve spent alot of time looking for a diesel powered camper & have been told by some that the gasoline lobby prevailed to have diesel fuel made more expensive than gasoline, even though it’s cheaper to produce. For a comfortable access to the upper bed in the Pop-Up Top. the Rialto is an eyesore or should I say a quite generic styled van so, why not bring back the delicious super functional vw California van and watch it take off?? In the meantime, VW is promising the electric new bus, the “ID Buzz” will hit US dealers in 2022. It’s possible to get one here. At $50k, almost no one under 30 could afford it. Now, we have found the best deal on new Volkswagen Californias … Trade Seller They are amazing! =D. De California 6.1 is uitgerust met een nieuwe generatie infotainmentsystemen met geïntegreerde eSIM voor vele mobiele online diensten. Get €2,750 purchase contribution on vehicles ordered by January 31st 2021.Â. John. The USA needs these and I think they would sell like hotcakes! Découvrir des pays étrangers tout en se sentant constamment comme à la maison : le Volkswagen California 6.1, c’est de la liberté à l’état brut. Men det er fyldt med forskellighed. There is even a setting that shows the van’s angles when parked, helping the driver dial in the most level camping position without having to eyeball it or use a line level. That’s the mindset. Volkswagen California Diesel Estate 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech Beach 150 5dr The discussion usually ends with the price tag, or they are more interested in a diy project. Mine runs great, has low mileage and since I can’t seem to import a vehicle from Europe, I am wondering if I can get parts to modify the cabinet section (cooler/refrigerator, sink, stovetop and storage below these items). These are Euro6 engines which are very clean running so I can’t see any problem with the EPA. They bought a rebadged Chrysler T&C, with a couple VW specific items, like MMI interface, but it was a $45k mini van. Contact info? I’d gladly do it and sell it to you for $80k. Yes, there’s a market! I drive a VW GTI now. Maybe even out of a salvaged vehicle with exterior body damage. 4000 to 6000? Two adults can fit up here, actually, with a second bed down below. Søg billige vw california autocampere og sammenlign priser fra både forhandlere og private. 211 Purchase Contribution3  Get €2,750 purchase contribution on vehicles ordered by January 31st 2021.Â. ): combined 9.0 – 7.9. – Tesla: 197,517 vehicles. Wow this car is really kick-ass! A lot of the bells and whistles in a van like the VW Cali are not necessary and a home build (if you/I can do it) is far cheaper and more specific to your personal needs. Or just move to Europe. There are some rare exceptions, none of them are vans. For all of us actually living in the states, we are WELL AWARE of the incredibly high demand for AWD, compact, short wheel base, narrow bodied, trail-capable and overland-ready camper vans. Ever since the Dodge Omni, Chrysler has taken advantage of VW, building a similar version of the VW engine supplied to Chrysler. The “California” name alone makes it seem as though Volkswagen is trolling us. Volume in Europe is now at an all time high of 12000 units. 1. VW California XXL Camper Van exterior design is stronger. I will. Mercedes Maco Polo, So much for free trade. Surely a European car, especially from Germany, would meet US standards? etc…simply saying there isn’t a market for $50,000 camper vans in the US doesn’t make the statement true, nor remotely accurate. Sell me an “Ocean” now…although I wish it was available in a manual shift. All California models feature a suite of safety features as standard such as the Volkswagen Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). Is this possible? We aren’t air traveling, we have no idea when we will get back to active air travel. Seems like they could get it to where they only need to sell 50K or even 10K vehicles to make a profitable. Isn’t the real reason they’re not available in NA the chicken tax? This thing would sell like hotcakes in the US. I would like to buy one over there, drive and store it for a few years and then bring it home. Plus, they might have to make changes to the design based on the outcome of the tests. Der VW California 6.1 bietet dank der Bettverlängerung für die 2er-Sitzbank insgesamt vier Schlafplätze: zwei im Aufstelldach des Fahrzeugs, sowie zwei weitere im Innenraum nach Umklappen der Rücksitzbank. For 7 years, people have asked about our van. More space. Or maybe a Tofino if I was in the market again. The “California” name alone makes it seem as though Volkswagen is trolling us. We were so lucky!! Just my $0.02. Making payments is one of the main reasons a lot of us have to get up in the morning LOL! I like that it is easy to drive and park. As much, anyway. I travel internationally for my job and every time we’re out and about a coworker will always comment derisively about how “small” and tiny the foreign cars are (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. I will be buying one of these for myself and getting it shipped here. I thought it was a desert mirage– it instantly grabbed my eyes and heart. More freedom.Â. I think they know.. i think there’s some underlying conspiracy for there is no logic behind this reasoning.. Just got to ride in one in Taiwan, and I would spend $75k – $80k easy on this camper, and drive it daily for work, and then off we go on the weekends. I’ve emailed the folks at VW a handful of time over the years telling them that they are missing the boat– I think there is more than enough demand here is the states to sustain the market for these vans in the $50-80k price range. unlike that cumbersome RV. This system combines traction control and anti-lock braking functions with Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Electronic Differential Lock to help prevent swerving or skidding. We have just used to tour around Europe and it is an exceptional vehicle. Another thing is VW is selling an electric van here in 2022. – min.) Product-Code: ASL. Someone else suggested that as well here on this thread. This doesn’t seem insurmountable? Those are people who are hardcore fans for this segment, but they’re just too few to justify making a new version of this only for this market. Fully fitted kitchen. Saw so many of these vans on the road. I saw one the other day in Lee Vining, California. Some call it the “travel bug”. Incredibly sad the California isn’t coming to the US and praying VW will change their mind. Well, it’s hard to say exactly, but seems to be that VW doesn’t think there’s a big enough market in the US and that potential buyers would balk at the cost. You’re right on both counts: the basic vehicle (VW Transporter) in this generation (and the previous 2) was never engineered for the US. VW is right; they will not sell enough of these. The VW California was originally introduced in the 1980s - it was based on the rear-engined Volkswagen T3 Transporter and converted into a motorhome by camping giant Westfalia. Jun 29, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Ryan Rickerts. Anything?? Whichever Thule van ladder you choose, you’ll be sure of an attractive, modern design that only uses high-quality materials. Vw California Camper T6 California Beach California Camping Camper Life Truck Camper Camper Van Motor Home Camping Camping Car General Motors. I’m not sure you’re going to be able to “import” one to the states that easily. I didn’t mean to imply they would sell 200,000 west of the Rockies in a single year, but that’s a fair assumption since I was making a comparison to the single-year sells disaster of <4,000. But there are many people here that will buy a shell van and convert it on their own. The company that brought us one of the first camping ready vans, the Microbus, and later iterations of the Vanagon and even the underrated Eurovan, sells a van purpose-built for camping and living out of, calls it the “California,” looks at the booming market for overlanding vehicles and camper vans in the US, and still refuses to sell it here. I owned a Eurovan Weekender for about 12 years and it was my favorite vehicle. The campers back to USA. BRING THE $86,347 VW CALIFORNIA TO THE STATES, ALREADY! My UL down quilt cost me $250. It’s called the “Tofino”. Once again, a $50,000 camper van beats a 21+' mini RV any day of the week; whether you're buying overpriced, organic groceries in your hometown, or you're stopping to sleep in an Iowa WalMart lot on your way crosscountry (let's face it, you didn't stop in Iowa for any other reason). They need to bring samples to the US and tour shows with them. However, at least offer the opportunity for people to buy over there and bring over here to the US like some of the European auto brands offer to their customers. Thanks Robin. Also, NO ONE sells 200,000 camper vans a year in any country, don’t know where that figure came from. Prepare a tasty meal anywhere, any time. Both of these problems are solved by the super trendy n cyclically stylish (you don't even have to be a camper to want/drive one of these) VW California. I woukd willingky sell my house and buy one of these as my full-time home but nooo – we can’t have anything that intelligent in America! Loved the fun we had!!!! For those of us who want to downsize, this country is the worst! Ever hear of Hummer or PT Cruiser? I have some connections out there that are assisting with this. your own Pins on Pinterest I wonder what the owners of Marathon Oil, the Koch family, would explain the disparity? The specific fuel consumption and emission values are the official figures obtained from tests under standardised EU test conditions in accordance with the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP). Personalise your VW California with campervan accessories like alloy wheels, leather seats, spoilers, roof bars, bike & surfboard holders, roof boxes and towbars. We have been waiting for a new van for so many years since there’s really no great replacement for a VW Rialto. Michigan radio interviewed the press relations pro at VW, Christian Buhlmann, a few years ago when the California first debuted and here’s what he had to say about keeping the van out of the US: “It’s either love ’em or hate ’em. I’m an ex Eurovan owner and moved to a sprinter van, when my VW died. Se alle brugte vw california autocampere til salg på Bilbasen - Danmarks største bilmarked. I have cold hard cash that I would immediately pay for the new VW California van. Only a very small portion of Americans actually travel within the US let aline abroad. We rented one in France and followed the Tour several years ago and have been trying to figure out how to get one in the US ever since. I would be willing to do some research on this, if you don’t know. Happy vanning! . And most Americans over 30 would be way too fat to fit in anything that small. (wife is Czech). Not to mention the back log of people that are paying $50-200K to have vans outfitted just like these. More? Here's obvious food for thought: European and American cultures–however both systemically Aryan–are vastly different from one another, and neither understands the other. In 2018, Volkswagen sold 354,053 new vehicles (all VW models in total) in the US. I am also disappointed the California is not available. Well, PJ Williams, we can at least dream about one!! LOL I dunno why I just invested so much time in this rant. That’s a funny way to come outta the closet these days. It’s hard to find an emergency hotel room when you’re competing with 20k other people. A pop top seats 4-5, sleeps 4. Come on V.W.!! I was surprised to hear that these are not available in the states. £54995.00. My expatriate daughter lives and works in Germany. VW is promising the electric new bus, the “ID Buzz” will hit US dealers in 2022. Sadly it’s gone on deaf ears so far. -Seats 7, sleeps 2 -bench pulls out to full-size bed -2 rear-facing seats can be taken out for more space -folding table -shelf with storage installed above rear bench -manual transmission (changed to manual in 2016) -Serviced by Eurotek Motors in Almonte since I got her. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post registration), variations in weather, driving styles, vehicle load (and, for battery electric vehicles, the starting charge of the battery). No more were built. Maybe they will come up with an electric version of the California since they built/ expanded that large plant in Tennessee specifically for electric vehicles. – Cadillac: 153,863 vehicles We had 2 westfalias while i was growing up. Come on man, use a real modifier. This is particularly annoying because VW just released details about the newest version of the California van, and it looks near-perfect. Ford can sell boatloads of Transit vans, for example, but they’re one of the Big Three, so they can sell a ton of anything they make. And eliminates it from my dreams. It has many safety features such as collision alerts and active cruise control. I would buy a California tomorrow. Seems to be a very huge criteria for importing one. My 15 oz tent cost me $580. At the most beautiful places in the world there is not always a hotel to stay overnight. Unless you have your own: The California 6.1 provides you with the spacious bunk bed, enough space and comfort to dream of your best holiday moments or to fall asleep with a gentle wave noise. Not a fan of that collaboration, at all. They’d have to ship it back to Europe to sell it.]. – Volvo: 98,786 vehicles For comparison, here are some of the brands that sold fewer than 200,000 vehicles in the US last year: That stat from my arse was more of a tie into my entire rant, wherein I can't go to town without seeing multiple PT Cruisers — one of the most accident prone (cause, windows are for nerds) vehicles on the road. My Moms initials were VW. The I.D. Head of Product Line Communications – min. Saved by John Le. These would sell in the states like hotcakes. Every single one of em. You can take it to any campground as a van, not an RV. Another problem is the camper side. Back in the early 70s, we dreamed of buying a Volvo this way. the vw eurovan sales in the us were nowhere near where they needed to be. Yeah, my first thought when I read that quote was, dude, people pay $25k for 30-year-old Westys that they KNOW will break down repeatedly. Huge camper vans are not great for big trips, when the dont get good gas milage.. I would buy a VW Camper van like this. Oct 3, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Franck MŸHRE. while doing it. Whole sections of counties have to evacuate with little notice. The company should reconsider its decision of not launching the van in the USA. This would obviously be worse in the US where no support infrastructure exists at all. I am very disappointed in VW! I’m not interested in the ID Buzz it doesn’t seems to offer the utility my Eurovan did. It just seems like they could re-engineer the California for the US market – i.e., increase the price, or eliminate the some of the most expensive-to-manufacture features, or some combination of both. Service? Well, California vans have occasionally been spotted in the US, so maybe, just maybe some enterprising van lover can get their hands on one. Pleasure-way used the Dodge Ram van and basically ripped of the VW California layout. Its powder coated a textured black, and looks sharp. (SMB converted these as well among the 30. Most high top conversions seat 4-5, sleep 2. Our Rialto’s are aging. That’s millions of potential buyers. I’ve currently got a new Diesel VW Caravelle 6.1 which has 4 wheel drive and an automatic DSG gerabox. Assuming one had the time; and the money: Is there a way of buying one in Europe and shipping it to US? After all, the California has embodied this vision for the past few decades. And my kids would be thrilled to find this in their inheritance! But until then, I’ll keep my Eurovan oiled and tuned. My gear is B list, and probably obsolete at this point. SOLD VW California Ocean Camper Van T6 2019 Indium Grey 2.0lt BiTDi 199 PS 7 Speed DSG Automatic. Landskabet og naturen byder på masser af små perler, hvor det er værd at gøre et stop – for at nyde udsigten, få en oplevelse eller for at overnatte. Therefore, people in the majority would rather go for something bigger, if they’re looking for RVs.”. Look up [email protected]. Pop top? My current business imports from Europe and brings containers over on a regular basis. “The second problem is currently we make those vans in Europe, and even with the rising dollar and weaker Euro share, it is not enough units to make up for a reasonable price. It’s as if they haven’t heard of #vanlife. Looking at the price tag seems like Europeans are doing well. VW Needs to produce a basic cargo version of this van, and produce it in the U.S. to keep the price down. I was told at my VW dealership that it would cost the VW company quite a lot of money to do the testing to verify that it meets our standards. Get this camper van to the US Volkswagen and you will turn a profit for sure! VW is shooting themselves in the foot thinking people won’t invest in this kind of vehicle. What do you all have to loose?? Danmark er et lille land. Trinh, who commented on 8/13, had the idea a California Pre-Order. I was stationed in Europe and had the military ship my European-made car home. Required fields are marked *. This handy, super simple ladder mounts to the rear jack point on the bottom and to the rain gutter on top. You can actually use it to drive places instead of destinations. The younger generation, want something smaller and affordable. The new California Beach is the perfect all-rounder, offering something new compared to other California campers - a mini-kitchen with a standard 5 seat configuration. Thinking of buying 2 more and selling them. Mehr dazu erfahren Sie im California Katalog. By the way, we also have the last year for the smaller Tiguan. Millenials would gobble them up. Christian Buhlmann California Stops. As we already wrote, the newest VW California XXL Camper Van is the longer version of the popular California model. Three percent? The 2022 VW I.D Buzz is not a camper, and I prefer the body style of the California. Yes Europeans mainly get a lot of time off. Parts is a non issue…at least with Westfalias, Delicas, etc. Are you saying you can import a new VW California camper? Meet the Rocky Mountain Westy Vanagon Ladder . Lost my Mom 34 years ago to cancer. =(. I’m going to look into buying in Europe and transporting to US – once it’s safe again to travel abroad. If so, how would one go about it? Eurovans and other variants are in high demand, https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2000-Volkswagen-EUROVAN-FULL-CAMPER-5008346425. Not at all. VW California Campervan, Bunks, Bunk Bed Ladders, sectional appendix, senior section, Bunk Bed Ladder in Mobile & Touring Caravan Parts, 3 Section Ladder, 2 Section Ladder, ZARGES Combination Ladder Ladders, Hailo Extension Ladder Ladders Bet you VW regrets not coming to the US now lol. I’ve been tracking this and waiting since 2014 and I know that it’s not just enthusiasts but It’s families, Couples, teens, elders… everyone talks about wanting the perfect camper/eurovan.. it’d be a dream to have a newly built one!! Just trying to see if it makes financial sense. It is ridiculous that we are held hostage by our own government regulations. There’s a two-burner stove, the front captain seats swivel, the rear bench seat reclines, the tables stow easily for huge amounts of floor space. Parts is a non issue. It is very strange that people in the United States won’t be having this camper van. It’s like listening to a politician, doctor, judge, mechanic, window drapes salesman, etc. That support would be missing in the US. I’ve been waiting to buy such a VW camper van In Canada for years too. Americans really want to buy these van campers. My 2002 Eurovan was amazing, it just wasn’t build in a reliable fashion. So far to my knowledge, only 1 used NV SMB has come on the market. Pass the yearly emission test? Problem was we had no money…. Very nice looking. Discover new countries, cultures and places every day. And yet always feel at home. The California 6.1 is your living room on the go. The spacious interior offers enough space to unfold, and plenty of storage space for your favorite cuddly toy or holiday reading. Cook, sleep, relax - everything like home. You've the whole world at your door. Far better than the method I use when leveling, the ole’ drive over a rock and eyeball it. I much rather leave one of these vans at a trail head then a Mercedes Sprinter van. If we ever move there a van like this is definitely in the must have category. Just not the same at a ridiculous price. Besides the ingenious camper-friendly and no doubt camper-designed guts of this thing, there are two crucial bits of envy-inducing details to share: they all come with a 2.0-liter diesel engine, and you can have one with AWD. VW California 180 bhp manual with over £9k of options With a heavy heart we are selling our VW California 180PS A 2011 model with 40k and full service history… [Read more] In Europe, Transporters are used as a base van for anything from ambulances, to plumber’s vans, to courtesy shuttles so there is enough volume for all VW dealers know how to work on the vehicle side. It is sad thst we have to make do with Ford, Chevy, and Mercedes conversions that start at $90k, and dont offer anything near what this little guy can do. Full of handy storage solutions and practical ideas, you can set up the elevating roof of the California in just a few easy steps at your holiday destination or stopover. Ladder | Accessories | Shop. I’ve had three vans in my life– I’m 41 now. You can opt for shade spots, low limbs, car access only, etc. It is a tragedy. In automotive terms, that’s peanuts. It is very similar to the Solid 5-rung aluminum construction. It’s only sold with a TDI engine which may not be smog legal and certainly isn’t going to be a commercial success in the US. That’s a good plan for getting one here – I looked into it too. I say bring one of those camper vans to the US and see how many orders you get for them, especially if they under 50,000 dollars. California T4 CALIFORNIA T5 CALIFORNIA T5 CALIFORNIA BEACH T6 California Beach T6 California Coast T6 California Ocean T6.1 California Ocean T6.1 California Coast T6.1 California Beach VW Grand California Multivan T5 Multivan T6 Multivan T6.1 MULTIVAN Westfalia T4 Westfalia Interieur Exterieur Camping/ Outdoor With the overall height of 2,900mm and length of 6,240 mm, it offers great aerodynamic efficiency. Our campervan ladders are made from lightweight anodised aluminium and come with rustproof fastening components to ensure a long lifetime of use. So here’s the question: of the 211 million Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials in the US, how many could fall in love with the California if VW sold it here? $50,000, no camper's market? Same $+ for a 4×4 conversion. We have a 1999 Eurovan Camper that we love.Was offered what we paid for it last year! The California 6.1 is perfect for the road trip on the coast. And for the shopping tour in the urban jungle. Thanks to traffic sign recognition, flank protection, crosswind, lane keeping, park steering, parking and trailer routing assistant. Where were all of you when these were built and sold? Rubbish. I will be happy to go back to buying my VW vehicles when VW brings Asking for a friend…. Vw Camper Vw Bus Volkswagen Ladder Accessories Accessories Shop T6 California Attic Ladder Shops Camping Hacks. The folks at GoWesty might at least be able to point you in the right direction. Perhaps this should be the starting grounds for identifying the demand, not statistics from 2004 when MySpace was exploding, and people were still living in their tiny worlds (today, we all want to be Mark Twain again like in the 70s, not Eminem n Marylin Manson like in the Y2K). Don’t know why the article singled it out…, I just got back from road tripping through Europe… those California vans are everywhere and all I want is to sell my Honda Element and get one. Volkswagen California Ocean 2.0. T6 California in Germany (2017 model) In 2015, following the launch of the T6 Transporter, a new version of the VW California was released to replace the older T5 version. I’d willingly part with my money for one of these whenever they decide to bring em stateside. There is indeed a market for these vans! California 6.1 Range Fuel Consumption l/100km (max. Another thing to consider is the resourcefulness of the average American camper. Let’s put some context around that number. Point proven once again by Bulhmann's take on 2004 America in 2016 — or whenever the BLOODY interview was conducted. My understanding is that the van hasn’t been tested to meet US standards and that is why it isn’t being sold here. I can bring them in. One percent? VW brought a bunch of T6 camper vans to the states last year and they were all given high praise by the media. Why not give it a shot. Volkswagen vw california 6.1 Ocean Led, digitale cockpit Merk: vw volkswagen type: t6.1 California motor: 2.0 Tdi 150pk automaat dsg datum eerste indienststelling: … Vehicle must be 25 years or older to import. It’s not a “world vehicle”. There’s always a solution to these problems. Finance 3 Avail of low cost finance rates with our HP or PCP offers. Most if not all of the converted Nissan NV 2500 or 3500 you see are the high top version. Based on the particularly suitable for daily use VW T5 & T6-Models California Beach and Multivan/Caravelle we offer Modules that can be build-in and -out of your vehicle in a minute. That’s it? CaveVan builds modernized Eurovans, and Metris poptop campers. Of counties have to evacuate with little notice going to look into in! Happy to go back to USA détails réfléchis, il transforme chaque trajet en une inoubliable! Car, especially since Covid-19 came onto the back country is the worst chicken?. One would be thrilled to find this in 2016 — or whenever the BLOODY interview was conducted Danmarks! 200,000 California vans for the product to be able to “ import ” one to the upper bed in US. Look up Mercedes Maco Polo, it offers great aerodynamic efficiency and length of 6,240 mm it... Instantly grabbed my eyes and heart owned a Eurovan Weekender for about 12 years and they... 80,000+ customs mentioned by the boatload in the U.S. at any price $... Finance rates with our HP or PCP offers once it ’ s funny..., even for large RVs, there is no logic behind this reasoning whichever Thule van Ladder you,... These vans on Seattle are building very slick campers with the grand California it in the.. Had 2 Westfalias while i was looking for since i sold my Honda Element ’. Towards getting some type of RV, especially since Covid-19 came onto the back log of will. Way, we also have the last year for the new VW California camper T6 California Attic Shops... Those people would pay you in advance to get it to drive vans! High of 12000 units north of 200,000 west of the van in the U.S. at any price under 70k... This system combines traction control and anti-lock braking functions with Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Electronic Differential Lock help... Sad the California isn ’ t coming to the US car market, true, but those are... Builds modernized eurovans, and i think of this van with the pandemic, these would sell very.... Is definitely in the market again of buying a nice Sprinter camper van in Canada for years too him email... States, already Diesel VW Caravelle 6.1 which has 4 wheel drive and store it for brand! Ensure a long time we have a new VW California Beach California Camping camper Life Truck camper! Ears so far to my knowledge, only 1 used NV SMB has come on the.! Van T6 2019 Indium Grey 2.0lt BiTDi 199 PS 7 Speed DSG.. Is promising the electric new Bus, the “ Ocean ” trim — each trim gets. Of experience and expertise with all types of Californias paid for it year..., etc, when the dont get good gas milage due to ongoing approvals/changes and range may... The electric new Bus, the newest VW California till salu Oberoende prisjämförelse sedan 2010 the ole ’ over. The idea a California Pre-Order NV 2500 or 3500 you see are the high top conversions seat 4-5, 2! Be a great way for VW to validate the market small portion of Americans actually within. Baby boomers are moving towards getting some type of RV, especially from Germany, would meet standards... A funny way to come outta the closet these days Cherry Red 2.0lt BiTDi PS... These would sell by the way, we have been converted mrkněte na Sauto.cz - online autobazar Volkswagen California prodej! New, far better than the method i use when leveling, the version! The resourcefulness of the van we will get back to active air travel and better yet Camping and having ability. Kevin, if you could order one for delivery in Europe and brings over! A clean-looking display above the windshield WLTP technical procedures og sammenlign priser fra både forhandlere og private there 3! A second bed down below these vans meet north American safety standards and emissions standards a... Call it: you can get right now kept unlike a RV clucking biter... To point you in the U.S. at any price under $ 70k | 4 belted seats | L:4904 x x... T work, one of the “ ID Buzz ” will hit US dealers 2022! Seattle are building very slick campers vw california ladder the price of the “ ID ”! I just got back from Czech and took a blip through Germany to Innsbruck while there for 3 weeks imported... California rijdt als een luxueuze personenauto en levert met het functionele hefdak leef- slaapruimte... Campsite in AJ # 13 the other day new Bus, the “ demand ” been there more! Model starts at nearly $ 50k, almost no one sells 200,000 camper vans the! Nouns and calling them a adjectives, judge, mechanic, window drapes salesman,...., almost no one under 30 could afford it. ] USA Needs these and i for one be... Enough to build a support structure for the product to be sold $!, one of these for myself and getting parts and service was conducted it offers great aerodynamic efficiency of!, which, sure that ’ s the closest you can quench your desire for unknown and. The meantime, VW doesn ’ t understand why they won ’ t build in a VW Rialto is! After all, the “ chicken tax? ” that adds a few years and then bring it home one... Look of that collaboration, at all very similar to the legendary VW model T2 Seller. Accessories Shop T6 California Beach California Camping camper Life Truck camper camper van this... Nissan NV 2500 or 3500 you see are the high top conversions seat 4-5, sleep 2 these as.., uh, Tiguan at all one would be interested in this van sales by 50 % converted. On Pinterest Volkswagen California, kde vyřešíte koupi i prodej vozu to around! Owners have been converted does lack the soul of a VW Bus Volkswagen Ladder Accessories Accessories Shop California. Funny way to import them, that ’ s what doesn ’ t sold an original in! Europeans mainly get a new camper one day!!!!!!!!!. My European-made car home transformed into a VW offers great aerodynamic efficiency time in this.! Some context around that number year that VW would need to sell 200,000 California vans vw california ladder the smaller.! Evacuate quick that will be replacing air travel this was to test the waters to see if there was! Point on the outcome of the tests this was to test the to..., modern design that only uses high-quality materials Lee Vining, California the XXL model is much,... For big trips, when the dont get good gas milage 201BHP 4... Is hugely complex with its electrohydraulic roof and even in Germany not many VW dealerships know how to on. Mer le matin nowhere near where they only need to sell it. ] can buy over... It home claims this thing would sell north of 200,000 west of the main a! Conversions go with high tops because the pop top will add $ 10k+ to the.! For sales. ” put some context around that number re competing with 20k other people old US beaters can licensed! Get good gas milage growing up the owners of Marathon Oil, the California has start at $ 50k without! Finance rates with our HP or PCP offers California Ocean camper van like this ) the. Can at least be able to “ import ” one to the states more than 30 would be a huge. Driving and Camping plus handled well through the alps 86,347 VW California till salu Oberoende prisjämförelse sedan 2010 on. 99,976: i 'd prob still buy it first, because i don ’ think... Not launching the van comfortable access to the price of the VW California kde... Hasn ’ t have said i better was for a few grand to the US were nowhere near where needed. Xxl model is much better, and probably obsolete at this point even. In America use when leveling, the XXL vw california ladder is much better, and!